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Im looking to but a new chain for my 2006 620 dark monster.

Looking on ebay, im seeing that a 520 x 106 will fit my bike.

Is this correct?

However, im looking to change my front spocket to a 14 tooth.

Will this size still fit or in theory it should be smaller whereas one kink could be removed.

This is the chain im looking at,

DID 520x106 VO Pro Series Sealed O-ring Natural Chain

D.I.D.'s high-performance O-ring chain
Solid bushings for longest possible wear
Reinforced rollers for greatest impact resistance
Recommended for machines originally equipped with O-ring chains
Brand: DID
Chain Pitch: 520
Chain Length: 106
Chain Type: Sealed
Seal Type (if sealed chain): O-ring
Tensile Strength (lbs): 8000
Displacement (up to cc): 500
Color: Natural
Master Link (included): Clip
Weight (lbs per 100 links): Info Not Available
Wear Index: 2350
Made in: Japan

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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520 chain and 14T spocket

If you have a good quality chain tool it is a easy job to swap your chain. They come in different links so you will need to remove some links.

A 14T front sprocket will give some low end help but lower your highway top end.

You can get chain and a JT front sprocket from California cycle works (with no tax and the box comes with a piece of candy too.)



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O-ring chains are available with clip master links? I did not know that... I much prefer riveted masters anyway.

Are you using an old rear sprocket? A common thing is to change sprockets/chain in sets. The thought is the old part will wear out the new parts before their time.

I can't help with length, I always cut them down to size from whatever length is in the box. Just grind off two pins and pop the plate off to get the length you need.
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