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New around here, Oldskool 1st gen R1 guy

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Well it seems I need 25 posts to do the ole PM'ing and for sale-ing, so here it goes with the spamming, lol.

I own a 2008 1098s candy red (street duty),

a 2007 S4RS white (damged, soon to be fully parted)

a 1998 R1 white/red candy race bike (done up nicely with CMC rotors, Brembo 'real' monoblocs, Ohlins, Keihin FCR's, adjustable triples, yadda yadda....)

I've really come to love the 1098 after owning and selling newer litre bikes. I've been a fan of the early carbed R1's for years because of the power delivery and the 'smack you in the face' bottom end and midrange, but I think I may have stumbled upon something that can truly replace my old dinosaur (I'd never sell the R1, owners of the 1st gen probably know where I'm coming from here but alas I ramble on.....)

I'll post some pics soon enough.
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I'm with you on the old R1. I have one too. Still faster on a race track than my Ducati.
I owned an 05 R1 for less than 1 season and sold it. Good peak horsepower for sure, but I wasn't on the track keeping it at peak and found it useless on the street. I hated it compared to my carburated R1's. I bought it for the looks with large expectations from the engine, which just fell flat on it's face IMO.

It's awesome making the move from multiple inline 4's to the 1098s. I owned a 97 TL 1000 for a couple months in 98 before getting rear ended on it. I guess I forgot about the grin factor generated by twins. I rode a buddies highly moddified 04 RC on the track but it just doesn't deliver like the engine on the Ducati.
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