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New again

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Hi Folks,
I'm in beautiful Summerfield NC (home of the future I-73/NC 150 exit).
I just rationalized buying another bike. I bought a 2012 MS1200S Touring. It is my 4th Duc and so far I'm loving it.
This site has been great for getting info and finding ways to spend too much money on aftermarket things. Thanks...

I have had one issue however. I have no idea where to begin when taking off the plastic. It has been a non-issue on every other bike I've owned, either because the owners manual showed how to remove body work, or because the process was obvious.
I have searched this site using every word I can think of (body, panels, removal, plastic, repair, etc) and have been unsuccessful. Can someone point me in the right direction? I don't want to break off a tab or force something held by a hidden screw.