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Hey all, just brought home a 2003 999 bip. Not my first duc, but my first superbike. Pretty excited. Nothing literature-wise -- the guy got it out of the 'states (imported it to Canada) as a salvage title -- cosmetic. From what I can see, it was a base 999, and then rebuilt with a powder-coated frame (red), wheels to match, and then the panels were sprayed flat black with a Breil decal kit on it. Rides nice, but really "falls into turns" as per the reviews I have read. I found an owner's manual to download/print, and will be ordering JT's Desmoquattro book (had his due book for my ss). This is my first fuel-injected bike... a few questions:
1. Did the 03 999 come with radial m/c? I have them on this bike. :)
2. It has 4700mi -- the Winnipeg Ducati shop did a recent oil change, but it appears they overfilled the case (sight window filled with oil) :confused: -- likely put in 4.0L instead of 3.7 -- any simple way to drain out some oil?
3. I've got a pile of new SS oil filters left over -- best I can tell, I can use these on the 999?
4. Approaching 6000 mile service interval -- belts, plugs, valves, correct?
5. Any recommended aftermarket reusable air filter?
6. Will my STM slipper clutch from my SS work on this bike? How about the clutch master? I'm under the impression that a lot of Duc parts are interchangable.
7. Were the forks TiN coated from the factory? Mine are... :)

Remeber, I'm a fi newbie -- will a hi-flow air filter require a reprogrammed ECU? With my Keihins, that just meant some jetting fun... I'm under strict orders from my wife to:
a. sell off the SS
b. leave this bike alone (as in no mods)... but she might forget someday -- what is a good first modification?

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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