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Hi everyone

Just purchased a 1994 750SS and riden it home (1250KM).
So I have gotten to know and love it.

Loves a corner!!

During the ride I put together a list of small things to sort out.

Dash bulbs are first. Does anyone know the bulb type so I could but some without dissesmbling the dash first. This will be like BA9S or something at a guess.

Also my bike has extra oil lines at the cooler which go up top of the engine. Anyone seen this before. Can send pic if its of interest.

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Hello bodge and welcome to Ducati.ms. Super glad to have you roaming our halls.

Please fill in your location information in the UserCP Edit Your Details section, that can help if there might be someone local to you give a hand or find new friends to take a ride.

If you post these questions in the SuperSport forum I bet you will get some good answers: https://www.ducati.ms/forums/57-supersport/

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Welcome Bodge see you at the supersport forum soon 750 carby's RULE!


The oil lines running might bee feeding oil to the camshafts in a modified motor or to the carburetors to act as a carburetor heater for cold weather. a picture or two would help. Start a thread over there and some very nice people will help you with your new best friend.
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