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I had an idle issue with my bike after I changed the spark plugs.

Forgive me, but I don't know what the part is called, but on the top of the spark plug there are these little bottle cap types things. These have to be installed on the spark-plug in order for them to make a really good spark!

Without these my bike would stall pretty much right away when it got down to Idle. Installed, the bike ran perfectly fine.

Another issue to look into would be the spark plugs themselves. They are a bit Tricky, they have to be THE CORRECT ones and not something really cheapy cheapy otherwise you may run into issues.

As for your clutch, see that you levers are adjusted correctly so that when you grab the lever you are pushing the control rod all the way through. There is also a fine adjustment nut (bronze type assembly) that will give your lever some more push with regards to the Master Cylinder.
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