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After gathering and analyzing alot of data, I have come up with 3 different shim kits to replace the one 4V shim kit that I offered in the past. The range of shims in these kits better match the shims needed in the bikes that use 7 mm shims.

The new 4V shim kit- 7mm valves is for all bikes that have 3V or 4V per cylinder. The number of shims has been reduced slightly so the cost of the kit has also been reduced.

Two kits, a 2V, Large -7mm, and a 2V, Small -7mm, are now offered for the 2V bikes that use the 7 mm shims. This includes the Monster 695, 696, DS 1000, Multistrada 1000 and 1100, and Hyper 796 and 1100, and all 2V bikes post 07'. The small kit has about the same range as the Large Kit, but in .10 mm increments. So it has about half the shims as the large kit and therefore less expensive. It may require some lapping of shims to get the exact clearance you need, but it is an alternative to the more expensive large kit.

Also I want to reiterate a my policy when a shim kit is purchased from me. Sometimes some shims in the kit may never be used on a particular bike. Typically these shims may be on the extreme ends of the range of shims offered. I will exchange new shims that are not used with shims you need at no extra cost. Just send the unused shims back to me with a list (same quantity) of shims you need and I will send them to you at no charge.

I have attached a couple of documents. One is an updated shim application chart which now shows what shim kit is applicable for a particular bike. I have also attached a document describing the kits and other shim info.

All of this info and new kits and pricing are on my website, www.emsduc.com

If you have any questions email me or call.



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