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My post was before hearing about the new 1260 or whatever it is supposed to be. CARB has approved of "Multistrada 1260" or whatever displacement the new bike is rumored to be.

And for the guy who scoffed at the 1,000 discount, yeah I hear you. I have seen dealers in the Seattle area that mark all bikes, including dirt bikes, down by 1,000 and always charge $1,000+ for freight and assembly. The Ducati dealer near me does a great job with promoting the bikes in an area that prefers a "bro" bike like a GSXR XXX. They do have a 2013 that is only marked down by 3,000 and I suspect that bike will never sell. Almost 2 generations down and only a 3,000 discount won't cut it. In reality, they should offer me a $1,000 price break on that 2016 with zero fees. Who knows maybe a 2,000 discount would be more appropriate. I'll find out soon enough.

Oh and if I wait for a 2018 I'll be waiting until May. Once October rolls around bikes will see limited riding time until the next Spring.

I bought a 2016 leftover. 69000 km on it now, other than the few recalls for minor bits, all good. I needed to weld the exhaust at 54000km.
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