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Hi my names Jack, I’m out on the east coast U.S.

First Ducati ever owned bought this week,

So I bought a new Hypermotard 939 this week, mainly because I’m a dirt biker and love the uprite position, birds beak look, power and functions. I currently only have 74 miles on it doing suburban riding 0-65 and first problem I ran into was yesterday

On a hot day I was runnning it steady 30mph for 1 minute until the bike shut off and slowed down and rear tire locked so I pulled in the clutch, looked down saw oil light on rolled around the corner shut it off and on and it didn’t happen again so far and I’m a little disappointed because the bikes 74 miles new and I called my dealership in NYC and they said they know nothing about this issue that I have to bring it in and let service tech look at it...anyone know what might of happened, I’m scared to bring it on the highway,

Other then that I never drove a more exiting enjoyable, nimble, powerful motercycle - esp a 9K RPM bike WOW! I haven’t taken it past 6 but have 3/4 throttled it to 6

I would just like it an inch lower I’m 170 5’7’ and I’m balanced well on my toes but would like just that bit of center gravity... don’t know what these bikes come set up for weight wise stock.

Enjoy your Ducs :) and safe riding!

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Hi and welcome to Ducati.ms. We are super happy to have you here.

Hope to hear that your dealer sorted the issue and gets you confidently rolling.
For better foot reach when stopping you might consider Daytona boots.

Please fill in your location information in the UserCP Edit Your Details section, that can help if there might be someone local to you give a hand or find new friends to take a ride.
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