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Exciting new has arrived from Nemesis! Effective immediately all Nemesis ECUs are priced at $999.95 and now include the serial to USB adapter (All ECUs), spacers for the Hypermotard ECU (Type 2 only) and mounting brackets for the 848, 1098 and 1198 ECU (Type 1 only).

Another new release is the revised Nemesis reverse quick shifter. This is a plug and play kit when used in conjunction with the Nemesis ECU. Some features of this new shifter: kit includes lever and high quality wiring, adjustable load shift point, no other parts required, fully serviceable and has sealed bearings and micro switch.

This new quick shifter kit offers several improvements over the previous kit including a nicer aesthetic finish featuring black anodizing. Spare parts are available upon request for this shifter as well as the previous version.

We are now offering Nemesis Ducati single input wide band lambda system to fit all Ducati models. This kit in conjunction with the Nemesis ECU will allow auto mapping as well as logging of air/fuel ratios. Complete data logging systems are also available from Nemesis. Please contact us for more information regarding complete data logging packages.

Kit includes control module and one sensor. AFR readout within Nemesis software included with ECU. Requires additional Nemesis patch cable N-7006 and the Nemesis development loop N-7003.

Nemesis Ducati infra red lap timing transmitter and receiver kit for all Ducati 749, 999, 848, 1098, 1198 and Streetfighter models. Kit includes a coded transmitter and receiver. If no development loom is fitted this plugs directly into your bike. If the development loom is fitted you will require the additional Nemesis patch cable N-7005.

It is also possible to purchase just the Nemesis lap timer receiver kit so that multiple bikes can use the same wall mounted transmitter. This is a much more cost effective way to have this setup if you can coordinate it with your riding pals.

Falcon race dashboard kit from Nemesis for all Ducati 749 and 999 models*. Kit includes all wiring and sensors. *For use on Ducati 749 and 999 race bikes only. We can also supply complete race wiring harnesses if needed - contact us for more information.

All necessary mounting brackets are included. Steering stop positions need to be reduced. Not compatible with IAW5.9 ECU unless it is the Corse type without immobilizer, or Nemesis ECU. No logging capability other than lap time and max RPM. Compatible with Nemesis infra red lap timing system.

Nemesis pull type quick shifter switch for all Ducati models is used for standard pattern shifting. Nemesis push type quick shifter switch for all Ducati models is used for reverse pattern shifting when using a shift rod rather than mounting the lever directly on the transmission output shaft.

Requires additional link rod fabrication per application. We can advise you on this. Includes switch and wiring. Features 10Kg preset shift load. Very rugged construction to handle the rigors of track riding/racing.
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