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Need Track/Race Bike Advice

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After reading about "Old Blue" as a teenager and drooling over "New Blue" for the past couple of years I've started thinking of building my own. Since I don't have 50K in the bank I guess I might have to cut a couple of corners.
Anyway this will be a "track only" bike so I have been looking at salvage title bikes etc and have found a frame for a GT 1000 that might be suitable.
Has anyone on here done this?
If I start down this road this is probably the first of many requests for advice.
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Well, if you're going to start with a salvaged bike, the first thing you should do is start and make sure the frame is straight. Down here in Southern California, there is a guy named Dr John's...


....who I've used before on a GSXR 1000 and have known a couple of guys that have had their frames straightened and corrected.

If you don't think the frame needs straightening, then even better. It'll just be a matter of ebay & Craigslist parts and a LOT OF TIME.
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