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Need .... Steering Damper

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Anyone know where to get a steering damper for an 05 1000 SS DS? Need one for WERA racing! Ohlins prefered.

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Good luck. I ordered an Ohlins from a couple different sources and was told that Ohlins Sweden discontinued the model. We tried ordering the parts separately from Ohlins Sweden, I waited a month and a half before giving up.

I finally ordered a Toby from LP, and was told it was the last one they had in stock and that it was discontinued as well.

Check on Hyperpro, someone along the way told me they made one. You could also check other sources for a Toby and see if someone has them in stock.

I think the best you an do for Ohlins is buy a generic one, get the 50mm fork mount, and fabricate a mount for the frame.

If you find a source for Ohlins, pls let me know. I'd like to buy the frame mount, at a minimum.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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