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I found this today, I didn't hear about it at the time.. but it is something I would started to do, only made it 1/4 way...

I admire these kind of people.

How big is the place?? Think about the same as USA.


It's from www.mcnews.com.au
I would have linked the page but it has no full ummm... address thingo...

Megumi Takemoto is a brave young woman. The 22 year old university graduate from Niigata, 300 kilometres north of Tokyo has already achieved national celebrity status in Japan by being the first female pitcher in the Tokyo University Baseball Team. That’s quite a claim to fame in baseball mad Japan, but Megumi knew she had something inside her that wanted more.

It was while she was still studying at Niigata High School that the thought of travelling around the world by motorcycle came to her. Megumi wanted to know more about the world and loved motorcycles so the notion seemed sensible, however she claims there is no particular reason for undertaking the mammoth trip.

“Australia seemed the best place to start… it’s safe and easy for the bike and for me. I bought a map and was scared at first as the country is so much bigger than Japan, but as the trip got closer my fear became excitement and when I collected my bike from Kawasaki in Sydney I couldn’t wait to get going. I’d spoken to many people who had ridden around your huge country and felt ready to go.

"The bike itself is a Kawasaki Super Sherpa, a 250cc trail bike which is small and easy to handle. I thought it was the best bike for the trip and brought it out from Japan to Australia in June. Apart from a front rack and rear pannier frames, it’s just as it came from the showroom. I used soft panniers and carried 10 litres of spare fuel plus a small tent, spare clothes and a few spare motorcycle bits. I also carried an Emergency Locator Transmitter in case I injured myself miles from anywhere, plus a little bit of food just in case. I’ve written a diary of the trip which says where I went each day and a little about the special things that happened to me.

"“Now I’ve finished the trip it was just great. I like Australia very much and want to come back once I’ve finished the rest of my trip. I’ll get a one year working visa and stay for a while as it’s such a beautiful country. However I have the rest of the trip to get through so after spending most of the summer and autumn in Japan, I’ll be setting off for Vancouver in Canada. I then plan to ride a big Kawasaki KLR650 down to Los Angeles and then across the USA on Route 66 to New York.

“After that I’ll be heading south to Mexico, Central America, South America and down to Tierra del Fuego on the southern tip of Argentina. Then up the east coast to Rio or Sao Paulo in Brazil before flying across to South Africa. I plan to ride right through Africa and into Europe. I really want to visit every European country and then ride through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and down into India. After riding right around the coast of India, I’ll cross into Bangladesh then down into South East Asia, I’m really looking forward to visiting Burma, Thailand and Vietnam. After Asia I plan to be back in Japan after three years and about 200,000 kilometres of riding. Phew!”

As previously stated, this is a big trip. On your own with just a single cylinder motorcycle for company it’ll be even bigger. However after spending just 53 days riding around Australia and covering 19131 kilometres you can be sure that Megumi Takemoto has a big, brave heart and will do exactly what she plans to do. Good luck Megumi!

Below is a rough timeline of Megumi's Australian adventure

* Day1 - 08-Jun-03 Sun - Left Sydney
* Day 2 - 09-Jun-03 Mon - Very cold in the morning. Rode to Canberra. Stayed in camping area.
* Day 3 - 10-Jun-03 Tue - Saw a live kangaroo for first time. Stayed at a backpackers in Melbourne
* Day 4 - 11-Jun-03 Wed - Walked around the city of Melbourne.
* Day 5 - 12-Jun-03 Thu - Went to Phillip Island and Great Ocean Road, rode 500km in the rain. Stayed at Apollo Bay
* Day 6 - 13-Jun-03 Fri - Rode 350km in the rain and the strong wind. Deadly tired. Stayed at Mount Gambier
* Day 7 - 14-Jun-03 Sat - Rain in Mt.Gambier and Adelaide. Stayed in Adelaide
* Day 8 - 15-Jun-03 Sun - Went the city of Adelaide with Korean friend who stayed the same backpacker hostel.
* Day 9 - 16-Jun-03 Mon - Sent report to Kawasaki Japan and Kawasaki Australia from Kawasaki SA Office.
* Day 10 - 17-Jun-03 Tue - I camp in the bush for the first time. I was a little scared. Ceduna Camping Area
* Day 11 - 18-Jun-03 Wed - Clear sky, did 900km today. Caiguna Motel. I wish I had organised myself a working holiday visa. I would like to stay in Australia for a longer period. Ran out of petrol once on my way from Adelaide, but my spare 10 litre tank saved me.
* Day 12 - 19-Jun-03 Thu - Saw wild kangaroos and camels. Went through "Australian longest straight stretch." Absolutely boring. Stayed at Kalgoorlie
* Day 13 - 20-Jun-03 Fri - Arrived at Perth and stayed at a backpackers
* Day 14 - 21-Jun-03 Sat - Visited the mint and the museum in Perth. Ate McDonalds for the first time in Australia. The same taste as in Japan.
* Day 15 - 22-Jun-03 Sun - Went to Fremantle by bus, a very nice place, rain, a lot of tourists.
* Day 16 - 23-Jun-03 Mon - Bike had it's first 6,000km service at Mack 1 Motorcycles.
* Day 17 - 24-Jun-03 Tue - Rained a little, enjoyed a ride in Pinnacles, just like a motocross course. Stayed at Geraldton YHA
* Day 18 - 25-Jun-03 Wed - Went to Shark Bay, World heritage area. Stayed at Monkey Mia backpackers
* Day 19 - 26-Jun-03 Thu - Saw some people swimming in Coral Bay, clear sky. I need to buy a swim suit. I almost ran into a big kangaroo at about 5pm, he's out early as the sun is still shining.
* Day 20 - 27-Jun-03 Fri - There was a river across the road. Surprised me but no problem getting through. Stayed in Port Hedland
* Day 21 - 28-Jun-03 Sat - I stay in Port Hedland for a little while. Booked a Karijini National Park tour for next Tuesday and Wednesday. 30-degrees celsius. I caught a few octopuses at the beach. Boiled some, fried some, and ate them all. Delicious, but missed soy sauce.
Did a part time job selling tickets to the local Carnival for $10 per hour, total $50. A lot of kids considering a small town. Enjoyed the night very much.
* Day 22 - 29-Jun-03 Sun - Bought a pair of beach sandals. Went fishing. I caught nothing but my friend caught three fish. Made fish and chips.
* Day 23 - 30-Jun-03 Mon - Have my hair cut by my friend even though she is not a hairdresser. Not so bad! 〃 〃
* Day 24 - 01-Jul-03 Tue - Went on the Karijini tour. A group of six with three Japanese. Jumped from a 14m cliff into the water. Very scary, but I made it. Sky is full of stars tonight.
* Day 25 - 02-Jul-03 Wed - I did nothing but just relaxed and talked with my friends.
* Day 26 - 03-Jul-03 Thu - The backpackers hostel where I stayed was so comfortable that I decide to stay longer so I'm still here.
* Day 27 - 04-Jul-03 Fri - Left hostel at about 11:30am and rode 630km. No cars, but a lot of cows in the highway. Stayed in Broome at a packed hostel, 12 beds in one room.
* Day 28 - 05-Jul-03 Sat - Some caravan parks were full. Maybe school holidays? Fitzroy Crossing caravan park
* Day 29 - 06-Jul-03 Sun - Many people in this backpackers hostel go fruit picking. I wish I could work. Stayed at Kununurra
* Day 30 - 07-Jul-03 Mon - Arrived at Darwin. The temperature got higher and higher as I approached to Darwin. Rode 850km today and will stay here for two nights.
* Day 31 - 08-Jul-03 Tue - Couldn't wake up in the morning because of a time difference. Northern Territory is one and a half hours ahead of WA. Spend very relaxed afternoon in the city. Browsed Internet at Internet Café. Went to the beach to see sunset. Beautiful.
* Day 32 - 09-Jul-03 Wed - Went to the beach to see sunset again. Still beautiful.
* Day 33 - 10-Jul-03 Thu - Went market and ate some Asian foods.
* Day 34 - 11-Jul-03 Fri - Left Darwin. 1500km to Alice Spring from Darwin, will be there in three days time.
* Day 35 - 12-Jul-03 Sat - I met a Japanese girl travelling by bicycle. She is brave.
* Day 36 - 13-Jul-03 Sun - Ayers Rock. Didn't climb up because a sign said, "this is a sacred place. Please not to climb." Stayed at Yulara
* Day 37 - 14-Jul-03 Mon - Went to the Kawasaki dealer in Alice Springs, Redline Motorcycles, to make an appointment for the second service and tyre change for Wednesday. Accident at about 6pm. I was hit by a car when I was waiting to turn right at an intersection.
Was rushed to a hospital by an ambulance car. No damage. A drunken driver was arrested.
* Day 38 - 15-Jul-03 Tue - I met a rider from Holland travelling around the world.
* Day 39 - 16-Jul-03 Wed - Went to Redline to have my bike repaired.
* Day 40 - 17-Jul-03 Thu - I made a bush camp for the second time. Not so scared this time. I enjoyed camping out.
* Day 41 - 18-Jul-03 Fri - Just keep riding. Nothing is interesting. Stayed at Julia Creek
* Day 42 - 19-Jul-03 Sat - I rode for hours on unsealed roads, about 270km all up. Very tired. Stayed at Atherton
* Day 43 - 20-Jul-03 Sun - Arrived at Cairns.
* Day 44 - 21-Jul-03 Mon - Enjoyed rafting at Tully river. It was very exciting but a little cold because of the rain.
* Day 45 - 22-Jul-03 Tue - Enjoyed skydiving. Jumped from 14000ft. I wanted to try again.
* Day 46 - 23-Jul-03 Wed - I left Cairns at 9:30 am. I didn't like Cairns because of too many Japanese tourists, I'm a Japanese, though I do not feel like a tourist. Stayed at Bowen
* Day 47 - 24-Jul-03 Thu - It's getting cold day by day. It's autumn here. Stayed at Caliope
* Day 48 - 25-Jul-03 Fri - It was very beautiful place. Blue sky, green sea and white beach. Very impressed. Stayed at Rainbow Beach
* Day 49 - 26-Jul-03 Sat - Fraser Island. Knocked down my bike 5 times due to fine sand. Broken a right mirror.
* Day 50 - 27-Jul-03 Sun - Want to go back to Sydney as soon as possible. Tired. Stayed at a backpackers in Brisbane. There's a whirring noise from chain, it does not move smoothly.
* Day 51 - 28-Jul-03 Mon - Went to Whales MC World to fix the bike. Chain and sprockets changed. After that my bike returns to a normal and goes properly. Went to Lone Pine koala sanctuary and took a picture with koala.
* Day 52 - 29-Jul-03 Tue - Feel very lonely. Tonight is the last night of my trip. Stayed at Kempsey
* Day 53 - 30-Jul-03 Wed - Went to Hunter Valley and tasted some wine and champagne. Stayed in Sydney
* Day 54 - 54 31-Jul-03 Thu - Concluded my Australian trip and had lunch at Kawasaki's Sydney office
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