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Good info .

Any time you start making major modifications you end up somewhat on your own, your experiences becomes your data to determine if you are heading in the correct direction. Knowing where you are starting from is invaluable as you cannot make good choices of where to go if you do not know where you have been. Is your modified bike better than the bike not modified? what modifications did you make that made it better or worse and what did the change improve or degrade.

Lets take a few of your questions.

Shock length
start with stock length and then you will modify length to get a swingarm angle or seat height you desire. You never mentioned what you were trying to do with the bike so a better result might be different then say I would be looking for based on the purpose of the bike.

fork protrusion above triple
The stock forks are different length so you do not care so much about how much is above as much as how much as below when using different length forks. Again start with the axle center to tree distance of a properly set up fork. Different fork setup will give different results and you need to start with both forks being set up (race sag) first.

steering head angle
Set again by everything else you do so be sure to pick your pieces carefully and it is easiest to start with oem settings.

Need to get closer, doesn't feel planted.
You need to start by measuring what you have and then comparing it to known good units and then we might be able to help point you in some directions to improve what you have. Otherwise your best result will be getting the bike to a shop that specializes in building/modifying to get a better idea of what you are starting with and almost more importantly what you are looking for.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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