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Madness, not saying you can't get it work but it is already off the books.

Find the rake and trail you like best (on any bike but look for one that has a very close wheelbase distance to your bike -1410mm on most 900SS). Then look at the stock numbers for that bike and measure your bike to see how far off you are now from those sets of numbers with these alien parts.

If I told you 2.54 mm fork protrusion, Rake at 25 degrees with 104mm trail - is great for the street but not "twitchy enough" for the track, would that help? Those numbers are stock, and none of your parts were designed for those numbers, so,...

I have nothing to offer on the rear shock because there are too many variables but I don't see why you could not eventually dial it in though with some track time and careful measurements.

Start with the front setting your rake and trail to the numbers you prefer then get your sag height set properly on both ends and go riding. Beware different tires have a dramatic effect on what you are trying to do - especially if you go to race slicks so have that settled as a constant before you go changing stuff.

When you dial it in, don't be surprised it turns out to be like Jed Clampett's rifle from the Beverly Hillbillys - only you can shoot straight with it!
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