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Need drivability help

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2006 sport 1000. Started bike for first ride of the year and ran bad. Seems to be running on 1 cylinder. Not much fuel in it. Rode about 27 miles. Second cylinder would I do in sporadically. After 10-15 miles seemed to start running properly. By the end of 27 miles was running well. Rode back home 27 miles and ran pretty well. Rode a couple days later, short 5-6 mile ride both ways and it ran good. A week later fire it up and it's idling/warming up fine. After a couple minutes one cylinder drops out and won't come back without rpms being 4500-5000 or better. Everytime the rpms drop below 4500 runs on one cylinder and backfires. Can barely take off from a stop. Several years ago still under factory warranty she started running really bad, eating fuel, no power. They replaced the Ducati racing ecu and it was cured. Wondering my if I have another bad ecu. It has a full tank of fresh premium by the way so it's not old gas
Full termi single muffler, Ducati racing ecu, open airbox.
Any help would be appreciated
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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