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Just wondering how much it would go for. 2001 996s which has 8,500 miles and is in 99% mint condition. All service records, etc. The one and only thing wrong with it is I misjudged the garage door length when it opens at my new place and while opening it nicked the side mirror and damaged an area for one inch by two inches or so.

It has carbon fiber pipes, chain guard, and cover. Also it comes with an entire biposto set-up if the ladies want a ride. you just have to spend twenty minutes to change the seats.

Here's a link to what it looks like.


Looks the exact same minus the CH pieces. Why am I thinking of selling it? The g.f moved out so my bills just went way high, not cause she was paying my bills, cause i have to take over her obligations for a bit. Yeah, lesson learned. Anyway, need to minimize my bills as much as I can. Thanks for your input!
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