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Need advice: 998 service

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I'm about to do the 6K mi. service on my '02 998. Looking for good sources for timing belts and valve cover gaskets. Any suggestions? Also, if all else fails, what can I expect to pay at a dealer for this service. And, if I go up a few teeth on the rear sprocket any recommendations for sprocket size?

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A valve check/adjustment is usually done every 6000 miles
Belts need to be changed every 12,000 miles. my 998 had 16,000
I live in California and the shop that did my servive was Nicols Manufacturing and they charged me $469 out the door for valve check/adjustment and replacing 2-timing belts which by the way cost $80 each for the Testastretta motor. So $160+/- for parts and $309 for labor I can live with that

I usually buy my parts from www.motowheels.com they have been very good to me and shipping is fast, Stephano is the man to talk to
Good luck
Let me know what you decide
Oh yeah, go to the dealer and buy a shop manual it has helped me a bunch

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