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Need a PDF download of the '06 Sport 1000 Workshop Manual

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Free would be nice, but would be willing to pay a bit for a factory workshop manual. I've already searched this site, and all the sources that were formerly available are now dead.

PARTS and OWNERS MANUALS are readily available on the web, but what I need is a WORKSHOP MANUAL.

These idiots are fucking useless: Service Manual Ducati Sport Classic
roadway54.netchyderabad.com/.../service-manual-ducati-sport-classic- 9753996.pdf‎

Anybody find a reputable source?

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Pm me with your email. I have a file for the Paul Smart, it is 48 MB
It works!

Thanks guys, I appreciate your help!
Huh...I know I've posted mine here a few times and they still work. One of the main reasons I got my own server.
Index of /erkson/personal/Ducati
Great link thanks for sharing!
@Air_Cooled_Nut May I add the Diavel manual link to the collection of service manuals?
I d like the S1000 workshop manual or the Paul Smart one which should be very similar if someone would be willing to share!
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What is the user name and password?
d0cuments for both. I don't know why Chrome doesn't show the Windows Security message (IE and FF does) as that information is in it :|
I have an 06 manual. some of the torque values are incorrect.

ie Rear axle nut is not correct. should be torque'd to 72 +/- 5%

(75 nm will do it...not 150 as stated)
d0cuments for both...
Thank you for this. Have a nice day :)
Could someone provide me with a link as those listed in the forum already don't seem to work?
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Which link isn't working? Please provide the link here to click on.
I cannot find any direct links within this thread, although the replies make it seem like there is on the second page!?

Then, all the links on this thread;

Which include;
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/71253082/Ducati Sport 1000 - 2006 Service Manual.pdf

This site doesn't have a workshop manual;
Ah, yes. That's one of @tonered 's links. Dropbox changed their permissions and he hasn't updated his links yet. I am mentioning him here so maybe he'll see this and help you out.
Sorry, but from the link you posted, I can't tell which model that is and if it is a SM, PL, or ??. Lemme know and I will PM you a link.

I had a bit of time last week to work on this, then the whole email credentials posting had me trying to figure out how to use LastPass for the whole Fam. I'm still scratching my head there.

Have a good one.
I cannot find any direct links within this thread, although the replies make it seem like there is on the second page!?

This post of mine
and my reply below it.
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