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Went to the bke show yesterday in Birmingham. I really enjoyed walking around all the new bikes but was looking forward to see the new hyper. I would say that it is a very smart looking machine and to me the best bike there. One thing that i didn't like was the seat. It makes you sit virtually on the tank and I don't think that it would be comforatble at all. On the SP model there was £4,000.00 worth of extras which was for the termingnomi system, but even the back mudyard, and carbon fibre side pannels etc were extra's whereas on my 2012 evo sp these pieces were all in the package. I came away and I am glad to say that i will not be rushing out to change my bike anytime soon, but would like a test run one the new sp to see how they compare in power. It is hard to beat all that low down torque that the 1100 throws out without reving the life out of it. The other bike for me would have been the pikes peak multistrada, but a lot of coupons £17,595.00. i did take some phots with my phone but they came out usless.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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