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I had one in stock and that was sold last week
then I ordered one for a customer and that came in really fast
I have another on order and expect it next week
so yes I guess I do have them but do not stock them and order them in as needed.
But as all things Italian can occasionally take longer then one would hope
the next order or two could be slower or could be as fast as the other two
Hard to say :eek:

I've been wanting a set of those for a while... Should we take this to mean you're now stocking them?

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The recommended torque from NCR is 10nm

NCR sez:
"normally we use our bolts in titanium M6x15 mm with the Tcc-socket head cap and we put directly on the cover valve without anything else.
Sometimes happened to use standard bolts and like the other case we fitted directly on the carbon fiber.
If you prefer to put something between the carbon fiber and the bolt you can use a simple washer in nylon m6.In alternative you can use the special washer ducati code 85610421A,because they have a thickness lowest than the commercial washer M6.
About the torque,for the standard bolts we use a torque of 10 Nm.

For the oil cooler,our cover valve for the oil cooler have the same distance of the standard,so in generally you can keep the same mounting."

Lead time is not bad for these
we can get them in a reasonable amount of time


Those look stunning. Doesn't torqing down the bolts crush the CF? I've never tightened down a bolt on CF before, so sorry if this is a dumb question.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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