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2014 Ducati Monster 1200S
5,ooo miles. $8500.00
I drove 4.5hrs away to get it. Then Rode it 4.5hrs home. It got dark, cold, and it rained on me without rain gear... and with Pirelli Super Corsa SP's that were dated 2014...
Termi's with upmap (Delivered without baffles in... they will never be used)
Regular seat. I don't know how to tell if it is the comfort.
Marchesini wheels
Rizoma bar end spy mirror left
Ducai performance Lever protector right
Ducati Perf folding levers both
Upgraded headlight bulb (not LED) yet...
Carbon front fender
Ducati Perf front LED turn signals
Full complement of Evo Performance Radiator, Engine, and Oil cooler guards
An awesome tail tidy. Evo? Rizoma? with integral Brake/turn signals
Rizoma plate hanger
Healtech Electronics quickshifter
Wait, and a steering damper... Just saw it when I was selecting pics.

I think that's everything. Most of those I was not aware of when I left home to go get it.
It took 5 days to find the Evo guards
it was a full 10 days before I found the quickshifter...

I was told there were upgraded Brake pads and air filter but I don't know yet.

This first pic is at the dealer. I have only sat on it at this point

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