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My Paul Smart is worn out!

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I normally only do short 67 mile rides on nice days. I ride to Eatonville for coffee, up through the twisties to Elbe then double back towards home. Just nice easy rides to enjoy Jewel and put a smile on my face. Recently I did a 300 and a 269 mile ride. Jewel now has 2360 miles on her, WORE OUT!!!

What to do now? I had GP suspension set my my bike up. She now sits higher with more pre-load and the damping has been stiffened up. Would you believe its a smoother ride with the suspension higher in the stroke? Next up were some Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsas. It now feels like power steering on the street, they steer so much lighter.

I've always babied this bike to make sure nothing bad happens to her but when I mentioned to my pops how I always worry about her he said to just ride her hard and when the crash truck hauls her away to go and buy another bike. Life's to short, so Jewel and I are headed to the Ridge Sunday for the WMRRA races and doing the taste of racing for her intro to the track. I haven't been on a track since '07 so it should be fun knocking off the cobwebs on a brand new track.
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cool. kinda crazy, but cool.

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