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My New FE

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First Duck. Extremely cool!

Just need a rear view and I'm a happy camper. Actually, even if I can't see behind my head, I'm still a happy camper.

:D :D :D :D :D

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Took my first ride yesterday. YEAH, Baby!
Attention it Grabs from EVERYMAN on the street
Sound of exhaust
Sound of motor (valves, etc.)
Smooth (vibration, gearbox)
Brakes (I thought the 911 could stop, but this is like
an anchor was thrown overboard!)
Very Intense
Oil and filter change is super simple
Controls are intuitive and gauges easy to read
Unique among crotch rockets
If one were to part with this thing, the experience
would come at a zero loss because of resale value
increasing. Life don't get much better than that!

Seat is like calve's skin (soft calve's skin, but not
thick enuf to help reduce welts on my arse) stretched
over a 2x8.
Cold-blooded (as in takes 20 mins to warm up when
ambient is 40F)
Seating position is a bit radical (feel kinda like a
jockey; this could also be one of the plusses,
depending on how you look at it)
Needs a throttle lock so warmups are easier
Mirrors give you a great view of your upper arm
But who cares???? Look at those plusses!!!!

When I get a new seat (probably Corbin, Sargent
doesn't make one for the FE) I will reevaluate the
seating position and comfort factor, but basically, I
am a very happy camper, so far. Getting cam belts
replaced next Th by dealer.

More later.

doc :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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Here's what I did to "solve" some of those problems. 1. Yes, get a Sargent. Lovely piece. 2. Go to Stage 2 (sometimes called European) jetting for the carbs. It will warm up much quicker. 3. Give the seating position a good trial before you get upright. If you can adjust, you will never go back. I've ridden mine cross country with stock bars. 4. Bar end mirrors work very well. I loved my CRG's. Expensive but very cool and effective. IMHO, the Ducati SS may well be the perfect sport bike for the street.


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thanks. i called sargent and they don't make a seat for the FE or SL. they will custom build one on the OEM seat, though. is that what you meant?


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rockitdoc said:

thanks. i called sargent and they don't make a seat for the FE or SL. they will custom build one on the OEM seat, though. is that what you meant?

No. The Duc I had wasn't an FE. Sorry for the confusion, I was speaking about pre-98 SS types in general. I had two, a '97 SP and a '96 SP. Great bikes but they need the carbs rejetted from stock and either a 39T or 40T rear sprocket to be right.


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The carbon is factory Duc. Even has the FE decal on the tailpiece. Do not know if it is clearcoated with UV protection. Good advice, though. I think I'll paint it, just to be sure.

:) :) :)


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