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2008 Sportclassic 1000 cafe racer, 2009 MTS 1100S, 1975 BMW R90/6 bobber work in progress
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Hello from Barcelona, Spain,

After reassembling the complete GT1000 because I am finishing my 1,5 year long cafe racer project the bike does not start.
I tested some weeks ago and the fuel pump worked as well as the starter motor but after assembling now it does not.
I realized the fuse number 2 (side light, headlight) was fused, then I found that there was a micro-short circuit on the headlight cable and I fixed it. Then I replace the original 15A fuse with the only one I had of 20A instead. I hope I have not made a disaster!
Now when I switch on the gauge needdle work as well as the gauges lights and the headlight keeps turned on.
When I push the ignition button I hear a sound from the rele, the headlight switch off and the starter motor does not run.
I have tested the solenoid and it works perfectly.
Any ideas about what to check to make it run?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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