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Year: 2011
Model: 1198 SP
Eng size: 1198cc
Pipes: OEM
Seat: OEM
Wheels: Marchesini
Accessories: Open clutch cover

And the story:

Yep that's right, I learned riding over 4 years ago on a 2011 1198 SP. Did the Basic rider course over the weekend, picked up my endorsement on Monday and bought the bike new on my way back home the same day.

I put 16 k miles on it, the first 4 month very slowly at nights and solo only. Then I started track days and more bikes followed soon after. They stole the 1198 SP out of my condo garage a year later. Bought another new 2011 1198 SP a month later.

I never crashed on the 1198 SP and we had been all over the place.. girls love this bike!

Who's got more bling?

When I used to be slow. My very first track day.

Gave her for a Fight Against Cancer event.

New 1198 SP being stored inside. On the 15th floor! The neighbors started to hate the hot bike smell in the elevator every night >:) and I decided to move into a house with huge garage for the 'girls'.
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