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Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the process. I was not sure it would end up right when I started.
Other forum members might appreciate if you post photos of your's in the making.

The procedure is quite simple really:

For the mudguard:

1) Mark with tape the OEM mudguard with the final length you are looking for.
2) Cut the mudguard close to the tape with a saw (Leave it a little longer at this point).
3) Get close to the final dimensions with a grinding wheel.
4) Give it the final dimensions grinding it with a coarse sandpaper over a table (that way you will get an even flat finish).

For the mudguard bracket:

1) Place the chopped mudguard in its place with the OEM bracket.
2) Fix a generic license plate holder to the bracket. I used the top thread meant to hold the OEM stop/turn lights set and drilled another fixing point. Fixing points will depend on the plate holder you choose. I chose a license plate holder with a stoplight extension and bent it slightly to get the right stop light angle.
3) Cut the mudguard bracket removing the part that extends beyond the license plate holder.
4) At this point your mudguard bracket will still have the full thickness due to the tubular nature of the bracket. To get it like mine, you will have to remove the steel from outer and lower sections, leaving intact the top. You want only a curved plate section extending beyond the mudguard's length. Mark the bracket and remove those sections carefully by alternating a saw and a grinding wheel.
5) When you are satisfied, get it painted.

couple of months later and I finally got to make my tail chop following your footsteps. I altered the profile of the mud-guard a bit, shaping it so it would cover all of the metal armature and so that the light would sit on it... here are some pix.. aside from painting the mudguard I did it all by hand. Wasn't too complicated. Thanks again for the tip!


21 - 27 of 27 Posts