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My Bling and Black GT1000... Lots of Pics! VIDEO ADDED!

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Hello everyone,

I think I’m done modifying my GT1000 and am pretty proud of how it ended up.

Although I didn’t take pictures of the build process, I wanted to share with you how it looked when all started and how it looks now. After all, I took most of the mod ideas from this forum.

I asked the seller to take a picture of me on the bike they day I bought it.
The bike was pretty far from home, so I had to put 500 miles on my first ride.

First ride picture:

16861337187_450cac440e_o (1)

It looks really different now. After finishing the mods I rode it 100 miles on the back roads. Both handling and the amount of time grinning improved dramatically.

Latest ride picture:

2017-09-22 13.38.50

Fist mod to pop out is the new color.
I was fortunate enough to find a brand new original black tank. Some might ask: Why change it? The reason is that although I think the red is nice, the black tank seems smaller (optical illusion). I also think that the logo location is better in this tank model. And lastly: I just like black for the GT1000.

Second obvious mod is the exhaust.
Another forum member sold me a Marving Slip-on set (Thanks Roadie). I polished it and placed it along with a nice set of Corse Dynamics Velocity Stacks and an ECU reflash.
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One of the nicest GTs I've seen. Very tasteful mods - love it!
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