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I filmed it here: Jiquipilco

Fortunately there are many similar places to ride near Mexico City
It is beautiful in Mexico. I met a girl from Colima a few years back while she was here in Atlanta interning with CNN. We started dating and it turned out her dad was the Mayor of Colima and they ran a family hotel in the downtown area. I always wanted to ride my bike down there from Atlanta. It would of been one hell of a trip. I decided not to after I visited and we went to Manzanillo for a week. While there her dad received a call and he was notified that some men had kidnapped a worker of his and stole there huge excavator. This was another family business, not related to being Mayor. They wanted him to pay a ransom in order to get the machine back. Don't know whatever happened, but realized that a trip down to where she lived was just too dangerous to do by myself.
1 - 4 of 82 Posts
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