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My 996

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It's only proper to introduce my 996. I would have done it sooner but I wasn't sure where to submit it. If this is the wrong thread please move it.



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rearviewmirror said:
Welcome! Are you going to the track in Houston on March 4th?
Is that the Ducati track day at MSR Houston? I crashed my 03' Gixx-1000 on a third track day at TWS riding for the first time in expert/advanced class. Got little greedy with the throttle... hehe oh well. That happened late last year and I decided to sit out this year until I can get the proper funding for it. I felt pretty bad going down on brand new plastics which I meticulous waxed on every weekend. Be nice to get some used broken fairings then go at it or even now, I'm thinking of getting a used Gixxer 750 dedicated for tracking. Until then, I'm just not too sure.

How about you?
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