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Stopped by Mospeada's place today and got a chance to run around town (Normal Heights/Mission Valley) on his 1198s.

His main mods (those that I can remember atm):
aftermarket (brand?) Triple Clamp
Termi slip-ons and ECU
rear ride height adjusted higher
suspension set up by GP motorcycles
adjustable levers
GP (reverse) shift

My reference point for Ducs is my old '06 749s, and I was quite pleasantly surprised by the 1198s' street-ability. Sitting on the bike, it felt very similar to the 749/999, although the 1198 tank "feels" wider and probably is, but it's inconsequential. Reach to the clip-ons wasn't bad, similar to my 749s w/ bar risers, maybe even better. Clutch pull was ridiculously easy, and short (levers). Fit and finish was good, and in the ballpark, or on par with the 749/999.

This bike was easily the fastest bike I've ridden (well, probably a crapshoot between the 1198s and Mospeada's old tricked out Busa), but, and I can't emphasize this enough, it really seemed to operate as easy and tamely around town as my 749s (didn't take it on the hiway). Given, I was taking it "kinda" easy, but I never sensed any bucking from a stop, no accidental wheelies, no scaring the poop out of myself......dropping down from 3rd to 1st going 55-ish was no sweat with a nice lil blip. Tranny was butter smooth and engine was sublime, although keep in mind in was on city roads and I kept it at a speed that was "reasonable," but which may have still gotten me a couple extra points on the license. I thought the dash was very readable and hi-tech, although I also enjoy the more traditional tach + speedo on the 749/999.

The great thing about this bike is the torque. Think you're a gear too high coming out/into that sweeper? Wrong. Twist and ye shall receive. Power was extremely linear, (although I kept it under 9k) no surprises here if you know how to use your wrist. My 749s had extremely loud (setting off car alarms any where, any time) gutted Remus cans on it, and the Termi slip-ons on the 1198s were no slouch. I actually think I may prefer them....less Migraines.

The after market Triple really helped with turn-in, and if you're going to be doing any sort of aggressive riding, IMO, they're a must-have. Mirror visibility was better than the 749/999, but if you're buying this bike for its mirrors, your priorities are clearly out of whack. Brakes were great, didn't notice any shocking amount of initial bite, which was nice on the street.... these Brembo masterpieces can clearly get the job done....two fingers all day long.

As I pulled back into Mospeada's driveway, he stood there grinning at me. I shut off the bike, telling him:

"I'm really pissed off at you right now!"


"You just cost me a BUNCH of money." :cool:

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Hey great review! I dying to take one out for a good long ride. I have a 999 and after I demo'd a 1098 I really didn't feel the need to make a move up. My 999 has a full Termi and custom sprung Ohlins all around which made my 999 a much better feeling and handling bike than the 1098-power was not as strong though.
If you want a grin from ear to ear go demo the new CBR1000RR! Holy $%@* !:D

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Lol! Nice! Like I said, man, you're welcome to borrow it anytime. And if you want to take Brit with you, it takes 2 minutes to throw the rear rearsets and seat on.

Just wait until you nail it full throttle in 3rd gear! It still suprises me how fast it is.
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