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My 1100 Test Ride!

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Hey Guys,

I took a test ride on the 1100 on Friday and I have to say I love it!

I had the dealer take me around on the back roads because I wanted to see if I felt that under 3k snatchiness and I really didn't sense it. Or at least it's not WORSE than my current bikes.

I lugged it a bit too in second gear instead of switching down just to see what it would feel like and it was okay as well.

I will tell you that having a dry clutch certainly feels a lot different, but I can't say I dislike it, it's just different.

The Monster 1100 didn't seem to haul ass any faster than my current bike but statistically that doesn't seem to make sense considering the bike is at the very least much lighter than my Shiver. Maybe the ride is just a lot smoother so I don't see it? :)

Also being on the Monster it was really amazing how far I could see over the front of the bike, it was almost like I was riding some sort of Italian Witches Broomstick!! The bike was so light it was like it wasn't there!

I have to say one of the biggest things that sold me was the SOUND. Wow that bike sounds way meaner than my current ride! It's like a wild beast! If I could afford it I'd totally get some termis but I can't right now.

I have to sell my current bike before I can pick this up but the dealer offered me a great deal so I'm really looking forward to it!

The only two complaints I have are

#1. The Seat - Wow Monster balls much? I heard the touring seat fixes it so I'm going to have to get that.

#2 The Bars - I think they are a little low for me so I need something to bring them up a bit. Of course it may have been the fact that I was sort of leaning forward a bit to avoid getting my balls crushed into the tank. I dunno.

#3 The Foot Break - There seemed to be a lot of reach for me to get to this. Is there a way to adjust this?
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