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MW Tuning/Rexxer ECU Remap


Re-flashing your stock Ducati ECU is the most economical way to improve your fueling and performance. MW Tuning/Rexxer maps are made by a professional tuners who work in the highest levels of motorsport. Maps are made and thoroughly tested before being released.

Your original map will be stored and can we change your ECU back and forth from stock to modified at any time at no charge. This re-flash does not affect any other functions of the ECU such as the Ducati Traction Control (DTC), warning code functions, etc. After the re-flash, you will need to reset the TPS. (Magnetti ECU's only)

We re-flash and ship your ECU back within one business day and can offer expedited shipping if down time is an issue. We also have some ECU's ready to use as core exchange ECU's if you need. Inquire about available before ordering.

Contact us before purchasing your remap as not all maps are availability for all models. Contact us at [email protected].

Contact us for availability for bikes using the Siemens ECU.
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