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MW Slipper Clutch: Complete Kit

Was: $1199.95
Sale: $899.95

The Motowheels slipper clutch is considered by many to be the best value on the market for dry clutch Ducatis, with more components and features than much more expensive brands. Comparable to other systems which cost over $1400 complete. This is a "must have" for track or fast canyon riders. This will allow you to drop into the most optimum gear with out worrying about wheel hop, loss of traction or upsetting the chassis

High quality Lightweight Slipper Clutch. Helps prevent rear wheel lock up on deceleration. Lighter weight, reduces rotating mass and improves throttle response. Comes pre assembled with correct plate order and stack height. Ball bearings are already greased and push rod bearing installed in the pressure plate. Instructions included.

All anodized complete with bearings and friction plates. All billet aluminum drum and pressure plate save up to 5 pounds of rotating weight. Weight of this slipper clutch is 6.2lbs including all parts. Top quality Surflex carbon/aluminum friction discs are included for ease of installation, extra weight savings, quiet function and longer basket life. Similar to the STM and Bucci six spring design with a high quality bearing 45 degree disengagement ramp. Kit also includes extra top shelf features such as polished stainless springs, titanium hardware and titanium push rod pin that you won't find with other slipper clutches

MW Slipper Clutch:
* Red Anodized billet aluminum clutch drum.
* Red or Black anodized billet aluminum pressure plate.
* NGR billet aluminum basket.
* Corse Dynamics Spring Kit featuring titanium clutch spring bolts, your spring keepers available in red, gold, black or grey and polished springs that use the same spring rate as OEM.
* Surflex plates: aluminum friction plates with organic friction linings.
* Titanium push rod pin.
* Push rod bearing.

Fits most Dry clutch Ducati.

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