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Hi everyone,
I've always been intrigued by motorcycles and have had the opportunity to ride a few that belonged to friends, even during Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach one year. However, I never thought I would want to get my own bike until I saw the SportClassic Sport 1000. I love the stylings of all Cafe Racers, but this bike is just beautiful in every way. The stance, the lines, and the sleekness of the bike just made me fall in love. Unfortunately, I've jumped on-board a bit too late, being that they're no longer being made. So, like many other Ducati enthusiasts out there, as I have found, I am on the search to buy one of my own.

If anyone out there knows of one for sale, or possibly coming up for sale, ;) pleeeease let me know!

I'm excited about reading up on everyone's posts, stories, etc. and look forward to talking it up.

Talk to you later,

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