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Hey folks-
Does anyone know if the dimensions of the top triple clamp on Multistrada is exchangeable with a, say, 999 superbike clamp. I have an 06 multi 1000 s with 53mm Ohlins forks, so the fork dimension is correct, but is the spacing right too?:confused:

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Lets pick up this old thread and run with it....

I have the opposite, i have a 999 that i want to fit a multistrada triple onto. All the guys on eBay are affraid of tape measures for some reason. Was wondering if some of you guys could help me :)

Just looking for dimensions for the upper triple on the 1000, 1100 and 1200 models

To make it easier, i want to know about any triples that have the steering damper mount on the back edge of it. Possibly S models ? fork diameter is irellevant, as i can get them machined out to 53mm if needed...

Ok, measurements i need are...

Measurement A: Fork holes from center to center.

Measurement B: Offset measurement. from centerline between fork mounts to center of steering shaft mount and the diameter of the steering shaft mount hole.

Measurement C: From center of steering shaft hole to center of steering damper mounting hole...

I know the photo i have is of a 999 top clamp, sorry i cant find a multistrada photo.

Many thanks in advance :)



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i can't help with 999 measurements, but i'm building a bike with a mts1000 motor/748s chassis , and the mts1000 top triple clamp fit the 748 perfectly... the motor doesn't fit as perfectly though... swingarm pivot hole is around 3mm off. i'll take measurments of the mts triple later on today. there's no damper mount on the mts1000 top triple... i'm guessing that's universal across all the air cooled mts's

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tried to get the sizes for you but hard to do as the handle bars and wiring are quite in the way. So "as best as I could" on the mts 1200s:

dia fork leg : 57 mm
distance A centre to centre fork leg 200 mm
distance B centre fork leg to centre headstock 30 mm
distance C centre headstock to bottom of yoke 27 mm (if you grind the wedge of the steering lock off, thee is no connection for a damper
dia headstock : 40 mm (that is the dia of the plug that is in the top)

Note that if you would take the top clamp off it would different, sizes a, b and c had to be estimated .....

Hope this helps
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