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I’ve been pulling my hair out over this one for too long and reading countless forums without luck. Any extra brainpower would be a great help.
2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 firing only on the Vertical cylinder. Horizontal cyl getting spark and fuel (spark not bright blue but still sparking). Swapped coils and injectors between cylinders but problem does not fo follow the parts. Still backfiring when H cyl is connected to injector. The bike can run on V cyl only.
I originally thought it was the valve timing. Adjusted and timed the valves . No change. Gets good compression 180psi on both cyl.
At TDC compression (feel air coming out with my thumb over the spark hole) of H cyl the “T” marks on the cams are the inverted Ts on both cylinders, so it looks like it can’t be 360 degrees out of timing on the H cyl. Right? I bought a timing light and will double check this when it eventually arrives.
I have a second engine I use for troubleshooting as I am in the jungle in a country without a Duc dealer. Put in the other engine that was running fine when I pulled it. No change. Therefore I assume it must be non mechanical.
Swapped ECUs. Nada. Black box BBS? changed. No change. Swapped plugs. No change. Swapped coils. No change. Swapped ignition relay. No change. Swapped fuel lines. No change. When I pull out the coil and ground it I get a spark. When I pull out the injector it is spraying fuel. Plug on H cyl is wet and smells like gas = not firing correctly and backfires when connected.
Only other thing I can think of is the spark timing is out... but how is that possible if the spark is controlled by the ECU?
Is there anything I haven’t tested? -2 identically bad ECUs? -Plug connection bad pins to ecu? -Bad wiring or earthing??
I’m about ready to buy a Ducati DDS as I have to fix (or cremate) this bitch! As a side note can I buy and use the Ducati DDS 2.0 on this bike?
Any advice GREATLY appreciated to mitigate the helpless lonely midnight solo wrenching sessions.

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