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multistrada 950 and similar flaring and tank reassembly

Hi friends,

I tore down my 950 to remove the old air filter and replaced it with a k and n. At 12500 kms it was filthy.

The bike is a 2017 Mts 950 and is almost similar in breaking down a 1200.

It starts when I replaced the filter and ends in the installation of the passenger seat.

Please pardon the 3rd world background noise and the cut scenes. I'm not a professional videographer and cant care much to do any dubbing. I think viewers will not mind as long as they can properly put their bike together without problems, or breaking plastics etc.

I suggest to use good tools no Chinese cheap stuff or you might damage something . You will need torx/flower wrenches, Allen wrenches, a vaccum cleaner, zip ties, rags and cleaning agents that's safe for plastic, paint, and rubber, and a monkey wrench or similar I kid you not.

Enjoy the background noise :)

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