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CR184 | : 19V-825
Recall Campaign status: Open

The side stand may be improperly welded, potentially causing the stand to break. If the stand breaks the motorcycle may unexpectedly fall over, increasing the risk of injury.

CR184 – Side Stand Replacement
Multistrada 1260 MY 2018 (All versions, Enduro
Model Excluded)
Safety Recall Campaign SRV-RCL-19-004
Date: November 18, 2019
To: Dealer Principal, General Manager, Service Manager, North American Dealer Network
From: Richard Kenton, Technical Director
Eric Bradley, Technical Training and Publications Manager
Dear Dealers,
Due to a defect in the manufacturing process of the supplier of the side stand, it is necessary to replace the side stand on a small production run of these specific motorcycles. The side stand could potentially fail at the weld that joins the tube of the stand itself with the forged upper joint, causing a possible fall of the motorcycle, and may result in damage or injury.

On certain motorcycles, the side stand may not have been manufactured
correctly. An improper weld that joins the tube to the forged part on the top of
the stand, could affect the reliability of the component.

Description of the Safety Risk : Due to a improper weld, the side stand may be compromised and separate at the weld. If the defect occurs, the side stand could break at the weld that joins
the tube to the forged part on the top. The bike could fall down increasing the
risk of injury.
Description of the Cause : The cause for this is that the length of the tube may have been cut out of tolerance causing an improper weld at the joint.
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