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Installed CNC Racing clutch slave cylinder yesterday. The main reason was to move clutch engagement point closer to a handlebar. That's a personal preference (like a throttle spacer), not everyone likes it. Getting a bit lighter clutch is a bonus as well.
And it was the right time to change the cylinder! My OEM slave started leaking (first real issue with the bike so far). I didn't noticed the leak until I started removing the cylinder. First, I noticed that it's a little bit wet under the drain hole of the cylinder, but when I removed the mounting bolts it was pretty obvious - the lower bolt was all covered in brake fluid. So, I assume it wasn't too far from developing a serious leak very soon. Check your clutch slave cylinder!
The installation of CNC Racing cylinder is very simple, took me about 30 min including bleeding the clutch. Looks like a good quality as well.


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