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Hey Folks, I guess I should say 'hi' here and try to join the community. Picked up a '04 MST 1000DS about two months back, and it's been amazing - when she runs. This is also the first bike I've felt like I needed to name: Nera.

-Right now it won't start, cranks over, but doesn't seem to catch - had issues previously
-Fuel sensor reads wildly incorrectly - known issue
-little rough on the edges, seat could use some revamping

-Cruises beautifully
-Makes me enjoy sportier bikes again

-Finding out my KLR685 is really a POS. :shrug:

Ultimately, I'd like to strip Nera down and monster-ize her, a Monstrada if you will.

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Hi, I will copy this thread to the Multi Forum section where I am sure someone can help.
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