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MRA Windscreen group buy

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MRA makes a windscreen that has been receiving excellent reviews from the Multistrada crowd. If you are experiencing annoying wind blast and buffeting like I am, I think this windscreen will be worth the investment. I have done alot of research on the subject and there are a couple screens out there that are pretty good, but the scales are leaning to the MRA product as the best windscreen on the market at this time.

It comes in either clear of smoke and uses a small adjustable foil near the top of the screen. I believe the concept is similar to the Laminar Lip, but it isn't funky looking like the Laminar is.

Motowheels has offered to look into a group buy price break and is in the process of negotiating whatever best price he can come up with.

So if your interested in this excellent product, please indicate that because Motowheels needs a rough idea of how many to bring in. Also advise if your interested in the clear of smoked screen.
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ordered mine from Twisted Throttle weeks ago and it won't ship til the first week of June. great job on the Group Buy, John!

for the uninitiated, it looks like this:

not my bike but a good example of it mounted on the MTS:

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