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Hello you all ducatisti
8 months ago I joined this club. I tried to contact Mr.Ernie but recieved no response by phone or email. I started to post on the website that I was looking for other Ducati owners to ride on the weekend. Fred called me and we began riding on the weekends and others began to join us. Fred has taken the lead to organize the weekly ride for a couple of months now. We have fun and it's been great - he's been a leader. Thanks to Fred, I have been able to really ride my bike and master some skills. He's been great in giving me tips and stuff. We are all adults and should be acting like adults.

I think that if anyone has a problem with another rider, you should call that person on the phone or come riding with us and talk to that person face to face.

I think we should put all of this behind us and let's move forward to keep our stl club and make it better.


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Agreed. Lets move on and get this organization going.

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Apparently Ernie thinks he is still our leader. Fred got this yesterday....give it a read.

From: E.J.P. <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Surrender of Ducati club charter
To: "Fred Hecker" <[email protected]>
Cc: "Vicki Smith" <[email protected]>
Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2009, 5:03 AM


No. I have done no such thing. I did threaten to do so in a heated discussion.. I did get quite angry during this coup de tat that's been pulled, but I have not officially resigned or canceled the DucSTL charter that I worked hard by myself to build.. I have 5 members who still wish to remain on with me in DucSTL and if need be I will recruit more members.. I've made headway with Donelson Cycles to sponsor DucSTL.. I have not spoken to Jones Powersport, where Gary made a connection for club sponsorship, so that remains open to you. I have contacted Marco for his advice and have been speaking with Vicki Smith on the best way to resolve this issue. Due to the racing schedule, and the issues the team is facing, with having to shuffle around riders, I'm understanding it is hard for them to give this the immediate attention it needs. However, Vicki has promised to sit and discuss this with me during whatever time we can make at Indy this weekend, and we will discuss it at length to resolve the problem, I would think with Marco and Andrea present during World President's Meeting at the factory in Italy next month, which Vicki and I will be attending.
My understanding of the DOC Mandates, which have not been followed to date... in Gary's letter to take over the club, their are no officers other than myself and Chris Ryan listed on the charter. Hence, a vote, especially by names of new 'members' that have supposedly joined DucSTL according to Gary, but are not recognized as members as the Club President needs to ratify all proposed members, including yourself Fred and as you didn't register this year, this group simply can not vote a sitting President out of office, as they aren't members of DucSTL..
If you'd prefer to start your own club, then you'd need to go through the process that I did two years ago, of creating a club name, area and requesting to be recognized and chartered. It also means you'd need to elect officers and sign the paperwork that DOC requires under Italian law, for you to operate a club, using the trademarked name Ducati, and following all DOC Club mandates as set forth by the parent organization, etc.
Lastly, The current Club of which you all seek to take over, is correctly titled and chartered as "DucSTL~Ducati Owners Club of St. Louis". Other variations that have been used in correspondence lately, i.e. by Gary: DOC STL, and by you: Saint Louis Ducati Owners Club. Are not registered DOC Club names in St. Louis, MO USA. And does not reflect on "DucSTL~Ducati Owners Club of St. Louis" which is the chartered Club we're speaking about. Now, you may wish to try to use any of those iterations as the basis of your 'new club' name, but please when speaking about the existing club, at least get the name right.


Ernie Passarelli
President ~ DucSTL
Ducati Owners Club of St. Louis
1316 Farm Valley Drive
St. Peters MO 63376
C: (636) 734-0221
Email 1: [email protected]
Email 2: [email protected]
Web: http://DucatiSTL.com
Web: http://www.DucatiUSA.com
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