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Hi Euro's,

We are moving to Vienna in Jan/Feb for work. I currently have a Streetfighter S and have already paid a small deposit on a 1199 S here in Aust. My intentions were to sell the Streetfighter S prior to picking up the new 1199 S in May 2012.

Now that we are moving, I am thinking of selling the Streetfighter S now and buying the 1199 S in Europe (Vienna). The price here in Australia is approximately $24k euros.

My question are:

1 are there any good Ducati dealerships in Vienna or near by?
2 are there any good roads where you can RIDE the bike
3 I like to do monthly track days, are there any in the area?
4 are there many other riders out there that enjoy a spirited ride through the hills or is it too cold?
5 are there any/many bike riding clubs? Wouldn't imagine any English speaking.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Moving to Vienna

Hi there ,

I am from Vienna ,

can tell You a lot from there ,

1 the dealers are sometimes a problem , I use one in Salzburg which is

300 km away

2 there are a LOT of good roads nearby where You can ride perfectly , just

the police is sometimes a pain in the a** especially with my Race-Termignonis

3 Trackdays are no problems closest is Pannoniaring and Slovakiaring ,

the wonderful Salzburgring and the ropened Redbullring / Zeltweg

4 It´s not too cold , You can ride from April to October , July and August

are very hot and there are a lot of riders out there

5 not to many riding clubs but many friends who speak English

6 Say Hallo when You are there and I can help You with eveything

Hope this helps ! Send me PM to get my Email and adress


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Hi - I was on holiday in Vienna last August and can say that there are some fantastic roads (in fact too many to mention here)
Hope you have a great time.
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