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It has arrived. Time to move forward with the dry clutch conversion for my hypermotard 821. I went with a kbike slipper clutch through Black Label Meccanica because of the bang for the buck. They are on sale for only $329(for the hub, slipper assembly pressure plate and all the hardware) and only $534 for a complete slipper clutch including basket and plates. That's a great bang for the buck.

They also sell slipper clutches for wet clutch bikes. They are better than OEM because they use a ball on ramp(smooth transition) style slipper system as opposed to ramp on ramp(alot more friction) although I probably wont notice a difference on the street at all. I slowly pieced together all the parts as I had money available. The basket and plates were also ordered through Black Label. I could have saved a little money if I had bought it all in 1 shot but I was only using bonus money from my job as opposed to the normal paycheck.

As I'm piecing this together I have learned many things. I will share everything i learned when i complete the install but one thing to note right now, there are 2 versions of the gear that mounts to the clutch. One is solid and one is drilled to save weight. Could have saved a little money had I have figured that out before I started collecting. The lighter gear comes from the higher end super bike motors like the 1198, and even the 1100 hyper. The solid gear comes from bikes like the 999 and 748.

Anyways, here are some pics

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