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Mounting 749R Race Fairings??

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Hey All,

I have purchased a user pair of race fairings off a 749R and am mounting them on my 749S. Previously I had a pair of Sharkskins race fairing which on the lower (or belly pan) mounted at the V Cowl portion of the radiator and on the tabs behind kick stand.

The (new) used fairings which I suspect are Ducati Corse (not entirely sure though) do not have mounting points near the kickstand area tabs or on lower radiator. This is leaving me with a lower fairing that moves around quite a bit. These fairing do have two holes in the bottom of the belly pan both in front and in back which I suspect would be used to mount to hanger style bracket, but have never seen anything like that before.

Anyone installed fairings like this before. I will take a pic of the lower when I get a chance, just thought I would start thread in case I am missing something obvious.


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The large holes front & rear on bottom of pan are most likely drains for fluid, they would normally have a rubber plug installed... I've mounted my share of race bodies in 20 years, sometimes you just need to improvise & don't overthink things... Based on your pictures I would just make a simple aluminum bracket that can extend from the belly pan to the factory mount, just a simple rectangular piece of sheet aluminum (you can purchase at your local home improvement store) cut to length will do the trick, drill a hole in both ends, drill hole in belly pan & attach with bolt & nut, attach other end to factory location with either D-zus or oem fastener... That should stabilize the belly.. The front mounts in the chin area, around oil cooler, under radiator I normally leave off anyway to ease removal of lower...

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