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motowheels speedo spacer install...help!

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I'm converting the 996 over to dedicated track use, so I ditched the speedo. I bought the billet speedo spacer from motowheels that replaces the speedo drive.

The install seemed to go smoothly, up until I had to tighten the axle nut. The wheel spins freely until I tighten the axle nut. The more I tighten it, the less it spins. I can tighten it up until the point where it's actually hard to spin the wheel at all by hand...I'm pretty sure it won't move at all once I torque it to spec.

Once I loosen the axle nut, it spins freely again.

The bike is lifted from the bottom of the forks.

I'm obviously doing something wrong. Any ideas?
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Stupid question, but did you put the wheel back the correct way around?

Yeah, the wheel is on the right way.
Did you remove the speedo drive pick up plate off the left side of the wheel?

I didn't remove the pick up plate. Is that the issue?
If he is asking, seems that would be the culprit.
Okay, I went ahead and removed the speedo pick up plate...same issue. I'm stumped.
Did you tighten the pinch bolts first?
Did you tighten the pinch bolts first?
I followed Shazaam's instructions here: http://www.ducati.ms/forums/showthread.php?t=30605

It seems as though the spacer is bit taller than the stock speedo drive (not positive on this though). The space between the fork and the brake disc is greater on the side with the spacer. Not by much, but enough to make it not possible to install the brake caliper on the right side (opposite the spacer).

Any other ideas?
Welp, I got it sorted out. Talked to Matt (I think that was his name) at Motowheels. Turns out that I didn't completely remove the pickup plate.

Thanks to Motowheels for the great customer service!
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