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This is one of the "must do" modifications to all late model Ducatis. The Evoluzione designed large bore billet slave cylinder reduces the lever effort and leaking problems of the OE unit. You will wonder why Ducati did not use this design in the first place...

Fits all Ducati 6 speeds and some late model 5 speeds with the non-integrated external slave cylinders. Available in five colors: Black, Silver, Red, Deep Gold, and Light-Gold.

This slave cylinder is basically the same as the evo kit--but does not include the disposable bleeder bottle and extra bleeders. This kit is designed for the experienced mechanic or professional with hydraulic bleeding tools such as a "Mighty Vac". This kit does not include a bleeder cup or additional banjo bleeder fittings. If you have a bleeder tool, this is the kit for you. If you don't have any bleeder tools: See our "Billet Clutch Slave Cylinder: Evoluzione kit" for the complete kit with bleeder cup and extra banjo bleeders. Or just add a single banjo bleeder from the options list to make bleeding easier with this kit and save the price of the bleeder bottle.

*Three (3) separate piston seals eliminate leakage concerns

*Self-contained design w/end seal prevents damage due to chain “grime”

*Pushrod rides on precision ball bearing to eliminate galling due to siezed clutch bearing adjustable pushrod pivot allows for modified clutch design

*Built-in stop prevents clutch damage due to pushrod over-travel

The Motowheels slave cylinder comes pre-assembled with spare parts to fit the short rod of pre 2001 bikes and the long rod of 2001+ bikes.

You can spend more--but you won't find a better slave cylinder.

LIST: $149

Sale Price: $109.00

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