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Hello fellow Ducati owners.

This is the introductory posting on the Motolectric forum here on Ducati.ms.

Although we began as a supporter of the site a few months back we were involved in product development and were not able to launch our forum.

My name is Michael Heth and I have been a rider of European bikes for over 40 years. Besides my lifelong experience as a rider my professional background is primarily in low voltage systems (6-20 volts) and noise reduction and circuit efficiency.

The precurser to Motolectric was launched in 2002 to provide upgraded replacement electrical circuits for the Ducati E900 dualsport bikes. Over time a replacement starter circuit, outboarded direct coupled lighting circuit and accessory fusing system were developed.

We began investigating building replacement circuits for other model bikes in 2005. But a series of speedbumps curtailed that effort (like Katrina wiping out the factory that made the wire we were using etc.).

But we kept getting requests from riders of other late model bikes to help them get their bikes started. So we revisited the problem areas that were hampering development of the product line for a wider range and worked our way through them.

The first product to be launched in the new Motolectric product line is the HICAP, an all copper replacement starter circuit that enables virtually any motorcycle to start in 1-2 seconds (often as quickly as half second).

There are currently about 25 model specific HICAP kits for the Ducatis from 1985 onwards and we now have over 50 different kits covering the ranges of Aprilia, BMW, Cagiva, Ducati and Triumph. We anticipate having about 75 model specific kit to cover the full range of the European makes.

We are expanding the range on an ongoing basis as we are working with collectors to provide uprated circuits for some of the earlier Ducati models.

And we will be adding kits for the latest models too as it turns out that as the motorcycle companies fought the horsepower wars that one of the ways they were able to keep increasing power was by increasing the compression ratios. Some production motorcycles now come stock with 12-1 compression. Not long ago a 10-1 ratio was considered "radical". But they have the same size and capability starter motors as they did at 900 cc and 9 to1 compression.

So, although we initially thought the market for our HICAP kits would be the mid-90s bikes we were wrong in that many of the late model bikes are also excessively hard to get started after only a few years. Even just a small increase in the resistance in the starting circuit creates problems for many of the newer bikes.

To help keep our forum manageable we plan to have separate topics for

- general information (this topic)

our current product range
- HICAP; pure copper starting circuit upgrade kit
- LightBox FLO; full light output upgraded lighting circuit kit
- FuzeTrax; key-switched 6 track add-on fuseblock
- SynchroTron; high speed current delivery module
- FAQs
- electrical troubleshooting
- reviews and commentary from around the 'Net about our products

We have had good comments and feedback from Ducati.ms members who have bought the HICAP.

We welcome any and all comments, suggestions and feedback about our products.

Feel free to send a PM if you prefer that mode of communication.


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I just got the hicap kit for my 08 Hyper and there are no instructions - are they downloadable or are there simply no instructions.
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