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More performance from: Power Commander and tune or Termi Kit??

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Hey all,

Since porting my stock exhaust I am really enjoying the sound. However, the bike is running to lean. This may have been the way it came setup but is more noticeable now with the ported exhaust.

Anyway in my never ending tinkering of my GT what would yield the best performance results?

1. Termi kit setup by the shop I purchased it from

2. Power Commander and custom tune done at a shop with a dyno

3. Stain-Tune exhaust

Thanks all in advance
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The best performance, regardless of price, is probably the Termi kit + Power Commander.
Yep. Start with the Termi kit and DP ECU. That will give a lot more power (if you take out the baffles, much less if you leave them in - Brad Black showed this for the GT), and totally cure the lean condition. In fact, it will likely run a bit too rich at WOT, so if you add a PCIII subsequently and get it dyno tuned you will likely end up with a leaner map for more power. At least, that was the case with the monopostos.
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